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Served Saturday & Sunday from open to 3:00 PM

Full menu also available

CHILAQUILES                                                  10

Eggs mixed with fried tortilla triangles & ranchero sauce. Served with rice & your choice of pinto, or black beans. 

CARNE ASADA & EGGS                                   13

6 oz beef steak, 2 eggs any style & mashed potatoes. Served with garlic bread & garnished with cheese. 

HUEVOS RANCHEROS                                     10

2 eggs any style, topped with ranchero sauce. Served with rice & your choice of pinto or black beans. . 

CHEFS OMELETTE.                                         10

Cheese omelette with your choice of bacon,  chorizo,  sausage,  or ham. Served with Mexican potatoes.

EGGS BENEDICT                                             10

2 poached eggs on an English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce. Served with Mexican potatoes.

PANCAKES CASEROS                                      10

3 pancakes, 2 eggs any style & your choice of sausage patties or bacon. 

HUEVOS CON CHORIZO + PAPAS                    10

2 eggs any style, chorizo & potatoes. Served with rice & your choice of pinto or black beans. 

FRANKIES SKILLET                                         10

Mexican potatoes, jalapeños, cheese, salsa ranchera, with your choice of chorizo, bacon, sausage or ham.Topped with 2 eggs any style. 

BREAKFAST TACOS                                         10

3 tacos filled with Mexican potatoes, cheese, eggs & your choice of sausage, chorizo, bacon or ham. Served with rice & your choice of pinto or black beans. 

KIDS BREAKFAST PLATE                              4.50

1 pancake, 2 bacon strips or sausage and scrambled eggs.


mexican potatoes           3.00 

single pancake               2.50 

single egg.                     1.00 

chorizo                            3.00 

breakfast sausage            1.00 

ham                                 1.50 

bacon                            3.00 

english muffin                1.00 



mimosa                3.00 

bloody mary         4.00 

michelada            6.00 

peach bellini                3.00 

frozen rita                    3.00 

rocks rita                     4.00 

screwdriver                  3.00 

house wine                  4.00 

draft beer                    3.00 

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